Code to Learn offers free professional learning to Canadians on coding with young people. MicroWorlds coding software is available at no cost to engage youth across Canada. We work with educators and other community members to co-design curriculum activities & Coding Challenges—including the popular micro:bits!

We don't just focus on "learning to code" - we are interested in "coding to learn" by supporting activities in diverse subject areas and in leveraging coding activities to meet broad curricular goals.

Access the Code to Learn Community to get started with simple activities, request free books, resources and workshops, and find self-directed learning about computational thinking, MicroWorlds EX, JR and micro:bits coding activities.

Code to Learn Community

Throughout these courses, you will have many opportunities to: challenge yourself; to reflect on your thinking and learning; and, to discuss your ideas, revelations, difficulties, and practical ideas with your colleagues. Visit the community to access the courses!

Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is a skillset—a way of thinking—that enables us to solve complex problems across disciplines. That is why we wish to focus on ‘coding to learn’—not simply ‘learning to code’. Your goal, in this course, is to learn about computational thinking and coding in the context of learning, curriculum, and global competencies.
MicroWorlds JR

The MicroWorlds JR course is full of activities to introduce you to an environment in which young children can create simple interactive projects and play with challenging mathematical ideas. You will learn how children can explore numbers, movement, and onscreen interactions through the use of an iconic programming and control language.
MicroWorlds EX

In this course, you will learn that MicroWorlds EX is not simply a tool—but, rather is a collection of tools that embodies a coding language that encourages children to explore, test and bring their ideas to life within science simulations, mathematical explorations, interactive multimedia stories, or anything they can imagine!


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